Gujarati Rasoi – The essence of Gujarati cuisine

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One of the oldest culinary delights of India, Gujarati Cuisine reflects the strong influence of the Jains and the Vaishnavas and is known for its vegetarian fare and its mild use of spices. A veritable mix of flavors with the sweet dominating, here is creative cooking at its best.

The traditional Gujarati Thali is known for its lipsmacking food with each dish having a different cooking style. No mean feat! Rotli, Daal or Kadhi, sabzi and rice make for the sumptuous thali. The flavor of the daal is further enhanced by ‘Vaghaar’, a blend of spices purified in hot oil. Home to coastal climate, Gujarat’s food is known for its use of sugar, lemon and tomatoes, to keep the body hydrated.

Most Gujarati thalis are incomplete without farsan, a host of mouth watering snacks that serve as side dishes while some are eaten as snacks in their own right. Khaman, khandvi, kachori, mini-samosa, dhokla, the list is simply endless. Also home to savouries such as Matthias and Namkeens, Gujarati food is every food lover’s haven.

If you have a sweet tooth, Gujarati food pampers you no end. Popular sweets include jalebi, shrikhand, doodhpak, gulab jamun, malpuas and more. During summer, Gujarati food isnt complete without the customary aam ras.

Vegetarian Gourmet food got a whole new meaning with Gujarati food; Or as the cookbook writer Madhur Jaffrey calls it, it is “the haute cuisine of vegetarianism” . Go ahead and give your taste buds the treatment they deserve with a Gujarati Thali. They wont be able to thank you enough!

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