Dining Etiquettes in India

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There is no denying the sheer variety and sumptuosness of Indian Food. Before you get ready to partake of these gastronomical delights, here is a quick overview of Dining etiquettes in India.While table manners vary from culture to culture, dining etiquette is considered an extremely important aspect of Indian tradition.


Traditionally, meals in India are eaten while seated either on the floor or on very low stools or cushions. This tradition continues to co-exist with the more modern Dining Table set up prevalent in urban India.

Hands or silver?

A typical Indian meal is best eaten with your hands as you relish its feel and warmth. While eating Indian breads, the food is best scooped on to the bread and brought to your mouth. Irrespective of being referred to as use of hands, in effect you are only to use your fingertips to eat; an art that you master with some practice. For watery food, however, it is perfectly fine to use a spoon. The more important bit to remember is that irrespective of whether one is using cutlery or one’s hand, hands are supposed to be washed before and after each meal. Also, food is eaten with the right hand while the left is used to serve oneself.

Sacredness of food

Many an Indian meal begins with a short prayer thanking the almighty. In keeping with the sacredness of food, one is expected to finish everything on the plate as a mark of respect for served food.For the same reason, playing with food or distorting it in any way is also considered disrespectful. Other than food, respect is also to be shown towards the host to begin eating before starting to eat. Similarly, one is expected not to leave the table until the host or the eldest person has finished their food.

Just remember these basics as you get ready to undertake a lipsmacking journey!

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