Thali – Plate full of food to delight your palate

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India is clearly a land of gastronomical delights. Not without reason. The food of India is as diverse as its population. Heavily influenced by myriad factors- (history, trade partners, religious and cultural practices of the region, to name just a few), each region has its own lip smacking delicacies to offer.

The best way to explore the food of a state is to try out the local Thali. The genesis of the Thali owes its roots to the ancient Indian tradition of serving up a wholesome family meal enjoyed with all family members sitting together. Ancient Indian cultures used a clever and innovative mix of spices, grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables grown natively to serve up a delicious array of dishes. Food cooked was traditionally served in a huge round plate called the Thali, which was big enough to contain all the delicacies cooked for the day from appetizers to desserts. Small round bowls filled with the delicacies of the day were arranged in meticulous order in the Thali with the rest of the space reserved for rice and roti. The thali, in its modern avatar, is the best way to taste a little bit of everything a region’s cuisine has to offer.

Although the variety of dishes served in a thali, vary from region to region depending on cooking style and taste, the primary constituents served mostly include Dal, Rice, Roti, Salad and Sweets or their regional equivalents. Local geography and cultures have a huge bearing on the constituents of a thali. For instance Rajasthan being a desert state, milk and milk products like curd, cream and buttermilk are very heavily used as a substitute for water and also as coolant. On the other hand thalis of beach states like Goa, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu typically include fish and rice cooked in a variety of ways. Each region also uses its own unique blend of spices to give each dish a distinctive and unique taste. With so much variety to choose from, a Thali is the best way to savor the local cuisine. Simply spoon up each dish individually and eat it with rice or roti and appreciate the individual flavors and textures.

Not just in the taste department, a thali also excels when it comes to providing wholesome food. A balanced mix of protein, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, it is one nutritious meal.Despite the lip smacking food, that you can benefit from the portion control and avoid overeating, is an added perk!

If you haven’t tasted a Thali yet, it’s about time you made it a mandatory part of your to do list. And we understand it’s not possible to travel every time to taste the delicacies and hence we have 30 items in a single thali and different menu for 30 days. With so much to savor all you need to ensure is a good appetite before you embark on mouthwatering journey.

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