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Maharaja Bhog - Premium Veg Thali ,One of India's first traditional chain of "Thali Restaurants , started to take advantage of mall culture in India. First restaurant opened in 2004 in Inorbit Mall Malad, Mumbai by Maheshwari Foods & Hospitality Pvt Ltd . Under the brand name "Maharaja Bhog" we offer a totally vegetarian and healthy Indian cuisine combining culinary styles from different parts of India in a traditional Thali style.

The concept has also received a lot of patronage from the rich and elite from all over the world. Maharaja Bhog Thali restaurants for every vegetarian, with over 900 dishes per month and 30 items served on the Thali menu everyday. 30 days 30 different menu items , the menu changes every day from season to season too.

The restaurants have the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing experience . Their unique signature service of the 5 Fingures sign language where they serve their entire 30 menu items on the 5 fingures sign language. With the great "Manwar" style of service in the restaurants Attiti devo bhava , you will always feel like a Maharaja being served .

The chain currently has seven outlets; two in Mumbai, one in Bangalore, three in Dubai and USA , Houston , Texas. Maharaja Bhog has a definitive sweet spot straddling both the fine dining in terms of quality of food, service and ambience . Key offering is the traditional sitdown-in thali meal Wholesome home-style food combining Rajasthani and Gujarati style food cooked with recipes traditionally sourced from all around India.
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